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Where can I find a lawyer who really knows business?

Muchowlaw is Unique – More than Just a Law Firm. Get your legal advice from a lawyer who has created and run businesses, not just been their counsel.

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End-to-End Support

Need a full-service law firm with lots of expertise and reasonable prices?

Muchowlaw Provides End-to-End Legal and Business Support. Muchowlaw can help your company at any stage.  From early stage startups, to growth companies, in mergers and acquisitions, and in major US and international transactions.

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Energy, Military, Intel & Start-Up Advice.

How can I find an expert in law, business and finance?

Muchowlaw Knows Startups and Technology from the Inside Out. Dave Muchow, Managing Partner, has been an inventor, tech developer, and Start-Up CEO as well as a General Counsel, Board Member, and investor.

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U.S. and International
Who’s an expert lawyer with both US and international experience?

Muchowlaw has Decades of Experience in International as well as US Matters. Dave Muchow, Managing Partner, advises clients on international investments, mergers and acquisitions, and project developers in a wide variety of international transactions.

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MuchowLaw™ is Superb

Practice Areas

Full Range of Corporate and Transactional Matters

- Innovation and Organizing New Ventures Kickstarter Campaigns
- Turn-Around Strategies
- Corporate Transactions: Contracts, Personnel Matters
- M&A, Raising Capital - Startup and Later Rounds
- Board Membership, Governance Issues

  • Trade Associations and Foundations
  • Utilities, Telecom, and Conventional and Renewable Energy
  • Litigation
  • Washington DC - Government Relations, Capitol Hill and Agencies
  • Business and Marketing Strategy
  • Government Contracting
  • US and International Transactions
  • Military, National Security, and Intelligence Matters

We know how to listen and be your legal and business partner

David Muchow


About David

Broad and Deep Experience = Better, More Effective Legal Representation for You

Dave is a corporate lawyer, serial entrepreneur, and investor who helps companies grow from startup to exit strategy.  He has over 30 years of experience in international projects, tech, military, intelligence, and government contracting, energy, (solar, wind, and other renewables and conventional energy) corporate law, M&A, business plans and raising capital, finance, non-profits, litigation, and lobbying. 

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Why MuchowLaw™?

In the News

Muchowlaw Sues Army Under Contract Disputes Act - Afghan Military Contractor not Paid for his Work.  
Our firm represents an Afghan subcontractor in a dispute under the Contracts Disputes Act (CDA) against the US Army over the alleged failure of the Army to pay for construction work done in Afghanistan. Muchowlaw has 15 years of experience as a government contractor in bidding for contracts, handling disputes, and contract negotiations.

Muchowlaw as Expert Counsel for an Energy Company Asset Acquisition.
Our firm represented a gas and electric energy company as outside counsel in an acquisition of customers from another company. This involved structuring the asset purchase, and a wide range of financial, legal and regulatory matters, and negotiations. 

Want to boost your startup or other business to success? 
"Successful Entrepreneurship and continual business growth takes a lot more than business plans and slide decks," says David Muchow, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service (SFS). Muchow teaches Law, Business & Entrepreneurship.

Some startups and more mature companies simply stop innovating after creating a company from a business plan and investor presentation. But in the real world, many more skills are necessary to be successful, such as understanding some basics of corporate law and more, including: 

  • What are the Federal and state laws on raising capital?
  • Can a company operate both as a for profit and non-profit enterprise?
  • What about intellectual property -- can blogging destroy my chance to get a patent?
    >>> Click the link for the webinar, "What Clean Energy Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Intellectual Property," hosted by the Clean Energy Business Network.
  • How do I divide up equity?
  • When can I do things myself and when do I need a lawyer?
  • How can I cut my legal costs?
  • And how should I structure US and international venture capital deals?

    Muchowlaw has advised hundreds of startups and other growing companies. We’re here to help!

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Dave’s a lawyer’s lawyer – easy to work with, very experienced, and very effective!!

Lisa Ritchie

Infinity HR Group

It is my pleasure to recommend Dave Muchow. He has been a valued counsel for the growing trade association I manage. He has helped with the development of a 501(c)(3) Foundation, helped shepherd through a multi-year grant and its renewal and been an invaluable sounding board on a range of business topics.

Lisa Jacobson

Business Council for Sustainable Energy

I have known and worked with Dave for almost 40 years. Dave has broad and solid experience in law, energy, business and finance that enables him to provide extremely sound legal and business related advice.

Kevin B. Belford

American Gas Association