End-to-End Support

Muchowlaw Provides End-to-End Legal and Business Support. Muchowlaw can help your company at any stage.  From early stage startups, to growth companies, in mergers and acquisitions, and in major US and international transactions.

We’re There to Support You Step-by-Step with Years of Experience in all Kinds of Matters.

Energy, Military, Intel & Your First Stop for All Start-Up Advice: Law, Business, and Finance

Muchowlaw Knows Startups and Technology from the Inside Out.  Dave Muchow, Managing Partner, has been an inventor, tech developer, and Start-Up CEO as well as a General Counsel, Board Member, and investor.

Muchowlaw Understands Your Tech, Cyber, Energy, Legal and Business Needs. We’ve been there, done that. We know how to meet a payroll, read AutoCAD, understand engineering drawings, oversee work on the shop floor, and help you handle the many tech business matters, from meeting a payroll to negotiating government and private contracts and fund raising.

U.S. and International

Muchowlaw has Decades of Experience in International as Well as US Matters. Dave Muchow, Managing Partner, advises clients on international investments, mergers and acquisitions, and project developers in a wide variety of international transactions.

Dave’s International Background. Dave Muchow majored in international affairs at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, studied international law at Cornell Law School, worked on international legislation in the Executive Office of the President in the Office of Management and Budget and at the National Security Council during the Vietnam War.  He was Director of International Programs for the American Gas Association; and was a founder, General Counsel, and CEO of a company doing international business with the military, intelligence community and private sector.  He helped create and was General Counsel to an Africa-based NGO.  He advises clients on a wide variety of international transactions and has been a speaker on international NATO and other programs, worked with a Eurasian business incubator; and is an author of numerous legal publications including a Co-Editor of Energy Law and Transactions, a leading 6 Volume Treatise (LexisNexis) with extensive international materials.