The 7 Secret Keys To Startup Success:
What You Need To Know To Win

By David Muchow | Kirkus Reviews (Starred)


Kirkus’ Quick Review Verdict: “Get it.”

Detailed Review:
An expert offers a comprehensive overview of how to achieve startup success.

“This is not your uncle’s or aunt’s business book,” writes startup veteran Muchow in this work, which, he promises, “breaks the mold by providing more of the essential, practical, legal, and business information that growing businesses need to succeed.” He covers the basics of incorporating, dividing equity among partners, compensating workers, and raising capital while observing Securities and Exchange Commission regulations. He breaks down these basics under seven broad headings, from planning your startup and finding the right partners to carefully assessing early risks, giving due importance to intellectual property (convincingly described by the author as an essential key to startups), and dealing with workers and managing sales and marketing. Winningly, Muchow illustrates each of these discussions with fictionalized dramatizations—this is a business book with a novel’s amount of dialogue, and here the author is playing to his strength. His scenarios very effectively bring the complexities of his main points to life. He also helps this along with charts and bullet points designed to make the huge amount of information he’s dispensing more digestible. “Your startup’s like a car,” he writes. “You, the entrepreneur, are the driver, the shareholders are the passengers, and money built the car and fuels it.” Basic nuts-and-bolts summations like this one run throughout the volume, very much enhancing the pervasive feeling of an experienced older colleague taking readers aside for confidential chats about routes to follow and pitfalls to avoid. Muchow opens his book by pointing out how vital startups and entrepreneurs have been to the American business world. He then expertly balances broader insights with useful, granular operational tactics on the organizational, legal, and ideological levels of a new company.

A briskly written, valuable, and confident guide to gaining success in a startup business. (Kirkus Review, Starred)

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