Speaker Mike Johnson: Do You Really Want to Bridge the Budget Gap?

Here’s How to Get Another Trillion Dollars…Per Year!
By David J. Muchow, JD 


With the debt ceiling and budget cutting negotiations struggling to find a solution, there’s another approach that could cut the deficit and grow the economy faster — provide self-funding programs to jump start new and growing businesses. That could gain over one Trillion dollars in GDP growth each year! Both Republicans and Democrats should find this attractive.

Every year some eight out of 10 startups fail. The cost to the economy could be a trillion dollars or more. But if we could create more new companies like Apple, it would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the economy. In 2021, for example, Apple promised over $430 billion in investments in the US and 20,000 jobs over five years. What if we had 10 or 20 more new companies like Apple!

Surprisingly, little research has been done as to why do so many startups fail and how to prevent that. In The 7 Secret Keys to Startup Success, I’ve examined why and provided detailed solutions.

Step One: Bring All The Ingredients Together in One Place. Create Sbay — A Startup eBay.
Step Two: There’s No Oven To Bake The Startup Cake. Let’s Create Local Startup Centers (LSCs).
Step Three: Let’s Have A Startup Moon Shot To Launch New Companies in Ninety Days.

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