President-Elect Biden Should Appoint a Presidential Commission on the Election

Want to bring America back together? Use the healing power of facts. President-Elect Biden should appoint a Presidential Commission on the 2020 Election. It should include a detailed discussion of the Truths vs. the Claims/Myths in the election that have undermined millions of Americans’ belief in a fair election.

This could be a valuable, credible, factual, historical, and teaching reference tool. The Commission could be Chaired by Chief Justice Roberts, include highly respected Democrats and Republicans, academics, and attorneys.

You can’t debunk conspiracies just by having politicians or media personalities saying they’re all wrong; you must be more specific and detailed in dealing with each of them. Lay out the facts for all to see and help prevent the spread of even worse problems in the midterms and 2024 elections.

It’s not a panacea but it can be a start. Facts can help the country heal.

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