Plug and Play’s Tech Center, Smart Cities, Hosts Corporate Law Expert David Muchow on “The 10 Killer Mistakes that Startups Make” 

Plug and Play, the ultimate innovation platform, connects the best technology with major corporations. Corporate law and startup expert, David Muchow, recently presented a web program for it on “The 10 Killer Mistakes That Startups Make and How to Avoid Them.”

The presentation’s key topics:

  • Where did my Equity go?
  • Bad Personnel Decisions
  • Misuse of Professionals and Reducing Legal Fees
  • Great Product but no Market
  • No Budget/P&L/Business Plan
  • Funding and SEC and Blue Sky Laws
  • Ethical Issues
  • Risk Management
  • And Management’s Failure to Prioritize, Focus, and Execute

    See the full presentation.