Energy Law and Transactions’ Latest Update – Most complete reference work of its kind, now available from LexisNexis

David Muchow, managing partner, Muchowlaw and of counsel to Mogel & Sweet, announced that Energy Law and Transactions, the most comprehensive energy reference work of its kind, has now completed its semi-annual update. This seven-volume treatise, also available on LexisNexis CD, is a treasure trove of information on energy from more than 100 energy law experts. First published in 1990 and updated semi-annually, it is an industry standard frequently cited by the courts. Comprehensive coverage of the energy industry includes traditional energy sources such as oil, gas, electricity, and coal, and nontraditional energy sources and technologies such as hydroelectricity, solar, nuclear, biomass, and cogeneration. These energy sources and technologies are discussed from cradle to grave – that is, from exploration and production through transmission, distribution, and final consumption by the end-user.

Muchow and William A. Mogel, Partner, Mogel & Sweet, are the Co-Editors of this treatise. It can be found at: LexisNexis: https://store.lexisnexis.com/products/lexisnexis-cd-energy-law-and-transactions-skuSKU11370/details

Practically written with model forms, tariffs, checklists, illustrations, and tables, it is a valuable tool for the energy practitioner involved with the preparation of energy contracts, sales and leases, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, tax, commodities, accounting, business, consulting, public utilities, and international transactions. It offers coverage generally not available in another single source:

  • Spot market, brokering and energy futures transactions
  • Wheeling of electricity, transportation of gas (natural, SNG, LNG) and oil (via pipeline and tanker)
  • Application of antitrust laws to energy transactions
  • Practice and Procedure chapters on discovery, recovery of attorneys’ fees, Freedom of Information Act, judicial review, preemption and settlements
  • Energy financing and bankruptcy
  • International energy transactions
  • Directories of regulatory agencies, companies and associations involved with energy;
  • Internet resources and energy conversion tools; and
  • A comprehensive, illustrated glossary of energy terms, with over 4,500 definitions