Muchow Speech to Atlantic Council on Fracking-Balancing the Risks, Rewards, and Public Trust

In an address to the Atlantic Council, a preeminent institution promoting transatlantic cooperation and security, David Muchow, energy company CEO, noted that support for fracking from the public, investors, and policy makers ultimately depends on trust. This trust is built by providing enough facts so that these and other stakeholders can make sound judgments on the risks, rewards, and level of regulation required. It involves balancing many factors such as: What is fracking’s impact on jobs, roads, water and air pollution, who owns the title to surface subsurface recycled fluids (and minerals recovered in the process), how much water is needed, how much can be recycled, and what level of regulation is appropriate? Muchow described several solutions that can be useful to all stakeholders to build support for fracking based on facts and trust.