Muchowlaw is Seeking $2 Million For an Afghan Subcontractor the Army Promised to Pay and Never Did

Since 2013, the US Army has failed to pay $2 million as promised to an Afghan subcontractor, ASCT Group, that was building police stations for the Army in Afghanistan.

“This is another example of how the Army has mistreated small, family-owned minority subcontractors risking their lives for us during the war,” according to David J. Muchow, Managing Partner, Muchowlaw. “The Army failed to pay ASCT and other subcontractors what they were promised, leaving ASCT with hundreds of thousands of dollars it cannot pay.  And the Army also has left the subcontractor’s family members stranded in Afghanistan. This is no way to treat the many Afghanistan allies who risked their lives for the U.S. in Afghanistan.”

October 4, 2021, ASCT filed its Post Hearing Reply Brief in this case before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (Afghanistan Group of Supply Construction and Technical, ASCT Group, ABSCA No. 61955).  “We are hopeful that after eight long years, ASBCA finally will remedy this injustice.”